The Blackhawk USB510W is the first of its kind wireless JTAG emulator for Texas Instruments DSPs. The USB510W has an embedded 802.11 wireless transceiver and requires no hard connection to a PC in order to debug using Code Composer Studio. The major benefit of this capability is to completely isolate the PC from the target therefore eliminating the chance for high-voltage damage of test components. This protects the target board, PC and emulator from voltage spikes and the absence of a common ground plane.

Configuration of the USB510W is accomplished via the USB port in the same fashion as setting up a wireless router. Or, the USB510W can be used wirelessly right out of the box using the default settings suitable for most wifi networks. And of course, the USB510W can also be used for debugging via the high-speed USB port.

The integrated wireless transceiver chip of the USB510W is capable of supporting the following wireless protocols and speeds of up to 65 Mbps per 802.11n/ag/b.

Blackhawk's USB510W emulator also compatible with Code Composer Studio™ Flash-burner utility.

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