All emulators support Code Composer Studion V4 and newer. Some legacy emulators also support older versions of Code Composer Studio (V2.2 and newer). Please, inquire for details.
The BH-XDS560v2 can be used with a high-speed USB2.0 port or in a LAN. Bus-powered operation is supported, either through USB or using Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). No external power supply is required.
The BH-USB560v2 has the same functionality as the BH-XDS560v2 but lacks the LAN port for remote emulation. It is the most popular JTAG emulator for Texas Instruments processors available today.

The wireless BH-USB510w is a unique product which incorporates wireless connectivity to enable remote emulation with 100% protection of your equipment as a result of perfect isolation between the host PC and the target hardware.
The BH-USB200 is a low-cost emulator for most of the popular targets, including C28xxx, C5000, C64x+, C66xx, DaVinci, ARM, Cortex, OMAP and Sitara.
A comparison table describing the most important features of all Blackhawk emulation products in detail is now online as a PDF file.

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